Glenbern Golden Retrievers & Bernese Mountain Dogs

The Adoption Process:


How does your reservation list work?

In every litter I reserve the right or option to choose a puppy for myself. Most of my litters are bred with the intent to keep a prospect to go forward with. Often I am looking to place this puppy into a home that is willing to participate in my Breeding Program.


For pet puppies, I will take reservations on 2 to 3 pups per sex per litter depending on the dam or sire. If there are more than 2 or 3 pups of one sex those who are flexible about the sex will have an  opportunity for those puppies. If there are more puppies available than reserved, I will contact people on my waiting list to let them know. If there are not enough puppies, or not the right sex, I will refund your deposit or you have the option to wait until my next litter, the choice is yours.


Do I get to pick my puppy?

I pick the puppies for the families. Through the questionnaire answers, interview, and puppy visits, I am assessing the families to see which puppy is most suitable. I have been watching the puppies since birth so I have a better idea of what puppy would do better in certain homes. The time of assessment is between 7 and 8 wks of age. That is when I make my decision on which puppy goes where. I tell everyone when you come out to visit the pups you just have to love them all :) I reserve the right to offer full refund on any funds exchanged if I decide placement of a puppy within a specific family situation is not in the best interest of the puppy or family. All deposits are fully refundable in this situation.


Can we visit your puppies?

Families that have placed a deposit on a puppy are able to visit. I have to be very careful about puppy diseases being brought into my house, as puppies' immune systems are very weak at such a young age. If you are on my reservation list, I start to schedule puppy visits at about 5 weeks of age.


Do you stand behind your puppies?

After a puppy is placed in its new home I like to keep in touch with the owners and hear how the puppy is progressing, pictures are always welcome and enjoyed.  If there is anything you need help with I am a phone call/email away. 


What is the current availability of your litters?

Please see the Puppies’ page (Golden Puppies / Berner Puppies) or Older Adoption pages (Goldens / Berners), as sometimes I have older puppies or adults available for adoption or to remain as part of my breeding program.


How many litters a year do you have / do you ever have multiple litters?

Typically, anywhere from 2 to 4 litters a year. I am a stay at home mom to my puppies so I have lots of time for raising them. Girls tend to come into heat together so sometimes I have more than one litter at a time, but I also enlist the help of friends and family to ensure the puppies are properly socialized.


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