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Duke  Duke

Looking to place 4 year old male into the right home.

He must remain intact (not neutered), as he is a valuable part of my breeding program. You must live within 1 hour of Perth and someone must be home during the day.  You must have a securely fenced yard.

 Duke is a lovely dog, knows basic obedience, and is a playful, happy boy.  As mentioned, he is a stud dog, and as a breeder I have many girls of all ages going into heat (young girls not being bred), and I feel some of his time here he is frustrated, knowing what his job is, and not being able to do it! 

He is not the only stud dog that I use, as I like to ensure that I have diversity in my breedings, and therefore will sometimes have other stud dogs here, and again, I think our Duke would be happier not to have see these 'interlopers' in  his house.  He gets along well with other dogs, but doesn't understand when the other stud dogs arrive, why they are chosen and not him...

If you are interested in Duke, please read about my Breeding Program & FAQ page and fill in the appropriate questionnaire (link at bottom of FAQ page).



Image of Golden Retriever puppy 

 I have one female puppy available, who must remain as part of my Breeding Program She will be ready to leave on June 10.



Please refer to my puppies page for information on upcoming litters.

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