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Labernese Emelia Rules



Born:  May 13, 2011

OFA Hip Prelims: Good

OFA Elbow Prelims: Normal

OFA Heart: Normal-BMD-CA2968/16F/C-VPI

Eyes: CERF  BMD-375282 2012


Emmy  Emmy

October 2012


Emmy is a determined girl; it's her way or the highway (or so she thinks!).  She has the endearing habit of playing in her water bowl.  She likes to get into it as though it is a swimming pool, so needless to say, we are constantly mopping our floors! 

She loves to dig holes and bury herself in them; dirt and water go hand in hand with this girl.

She is a real chatterbox, and offers her opinion on everything.  She is bossy and bold.  She loves attention and is very affectionate when she wants to be... and of course, on her terms.


Emelia at the Ottawa Kennel Club Show

Emmy and Roy

We are so proud of Emmy.  She won Best of Winners & Best Puppy In Breed at the Ottawa Dog Show under respected Judge Mrs. Terry Carter.

November 2011




Image of Bernese Mountain Dog pup: Emmy  Image of Bernese Mountain Dog pup: Emmy     

July 2011


Thank you to Sharon Groves of Labernese Bernese Mountain Dogs, for giving me this beautiful puppy.  Thanks also to Eve (Kiki) Menegoz for making this all come together.

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