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Kyon's Sweet Virginia CD CCA 'Ginny'


Born: May 3, 2009

OVC Hips: Normal

OVC Elbows: Normal

OFA Heart: Cardiologist Normal

OFA Thyroid: Normal

Eyes: Opthalmologist Normal

PRA1: Clear (by parentage)

prcd PRA: Clear

English Cream Golden Retriever: Ginny

March 2011

English Cream Golden Retriever: Ginny earning her CCA title
Ginny earned her CCA certificate at the Golden Retriever National
Kemptville, Ontario
August 2014
Golden Retriever: Ginny earning her CD title
Ginny earns her CD title!
Thank you to Denise Lauzon for all of her help earning Ginny's CD.
October 2011

Ginny is our show girl, the world revolves around Ginny (so she thinks). She can't go by the grooming table without putting her 2 front feet up on it and then waits for somebody to come and give her a back massage. If she's not trying to get on the grooming table for some pampering, she's out in the yard getting as dirty as she can.

Golden Retriever: Ginny
3rd 12-15 months Sweeps
Golden Retriever Club Of Canada National Specialty
Judge: Linsey Dunbar
Handler: Rebecca McAuley
July 2010
Golden Retriever: Ginny
3rd in her age group
Quebec Regional Golden Retriever Specialty
Judge: Marcia Schler
Handler: Graeme Burdon
May 2010

We laugh at her wylie ways; she starts with her head on the sofa beside you, then next come the front feet, and before you know it, her whole body is curled up beside you with her head on your lap.
She is a real snuggle bug.

Golden Retrievers:: Ginny & Rupert
Ginny and Rupert
May 2009


She is a calm, gentle, cream coloured Golden. Nothing fazes this girl; she moves through life as if everything is owed to her.

We would like to thank Karin and Wally of Kyon Kennels for taking the time to pick this wonderful puppy and helping us name this little girl, she sure lives up to it!