Glenbern Golden Retrievers & Bernese Mountain Dogs

How I Raise My Puppies:

Image of Bernese Mountain Dog puppies  Image of Bernese Mountain Dog puppies

The puppies are born/whelped in a lovely room adjacent to my kitchen. They remain there with momma (until about 4 weeks old) being cuddled/weighed and handled daily.

Golden Retriever puppies

I introduce Early Stimulation Exercises at 3 days old, for more info please see this link...

At around 3.5 weeks of age they are moved into the family room to be with the other dogs, cat, TV, visitors, indoor play area and outdoor play area and of course momma! I start litter box training at 3 weeks to help initiate house breaking (those are the boxes you see with wood pellets in it). At 6 weeks, weather permitting, pups have access to the outdoors

A litter trained pup
Berner pup standing in 'litter box'

Golden Retriever pups playing outside with Mom (Ginny)  Sky (Golden Retriever) playing with Bernese Mountain Dog puppies
Pups enjoying a romp outdoors

Puppies playing in the puppy room  Golden Retriever puppy playing in food dish
Puppies in family room filled with a variety of toys and the ever-present litter boxes

Exposure to new things in the first 4 months of a puppy’s life are critical to creating a balanced pup. Every week I introduce age appropriate articles/sounds and people to keep pups stimulated.

Video of Glenbern Golden Retriever Puppies

Video of Glenbern Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies

Starting at around 6 weeks, puppies are exposed to crates.

7 week old Bernese Mountain Dog puppies
Puppies have a more confined area, when I am not in the room with them. The smaller area, supplied with litter boxes, encourages them to keep their 'living' area clean.

Families who have reserved a puppy can visit when puppies are around 5 weeks old. Pups go to their new homes at approximately 8 to 9 weeks of age, after veterinary approval and providing they are ready.

Puppies will be vet-checked, immunized, microchipped, and wormed as appropriate for its age.

Tips on Raising Your Puppy