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How You Raise Your Puppy:

The importance of getting things 'right' with your new puppy, cannot be overstated.

From house breaking and crate training to proper socialization, your success (or failure) at a young age can set you and your puppy up for a wonderful reciprocal relationship, or an unending battle of wits for the duration of your dog's life.

I make every effort to ensure your puppy has received age appropriate exposure to a variety of people, sounds and environmental stimuli, but it is equally important that you continue with your puppy's enrichment when you take your puppy home with you. 

I have provided some links to articles/training methods that I highly recommend, to assist you in your puppy raising journey, and hopefully help you pre-empt undesirable behaviours in your puppy. 

Please remember, it is much easier to prevent/correct a behaviour when puppy is young, rather than break an ingrained habit as pup matures.  Please browse through the links provided, to assist you with any questions you may have, when you take your new family member home.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Puppy

Critical Periods in Puppy Development

Preparing and Caring For Your Puppy

Puppy Health

Training & Behaviour Tips