Glenbern Golden Retrievers & Bernese Mountain Dogs

How I Raise My Puppies:

Image of Bernese Mountain Dog puppies  Image of Bernese Mountain Dog puppies

The puppies are born/whelped in a lovely room adjacent to my kitchen. They remain there with momma (until about 4 weeks old) being cuddled/weighed and handled daily.

Golden Retriever puppies

I use the 'Bio-Sensor Exercise Program' with my puppies. Studies have shown that puppies who have received these early stimulation exercises, mature at faster rates and perform better in some problem solving tests than their non-stimulated littermates. ...Read more...

From 3 to 14 days old, I introduce pups to a different scent on a daily basis: such as coffee, lemons, peanut butter...etc. According to Dr. Gayle Watkins, this daily scenting exercise has been shown to produce adult dogs with exceptional scenting ability.

I start to potty train puppies at 3 weeks of age (those are the boxes you see with wood pellets in it). I eventually move pups to outside 'potty-training'. Puppies that are raised in a clean environment, are much easier to house-train.  

A litter trained pup
Berner pup standing in 'litter box'

Puppies as young as three weeks will seek out an area to eliminate, and try to keep its sleeping area clean. It is so important to maintain hygienic conditions, not only for the puppies' health, but also to facilitate house-breaking when pup goes to its new home.

Puppies playing in the puppy room  Golden Retriever puppy playing in food dish
Puppies in family room filled with a variety of toys and the ever-present litter boxes

At around the 4 week mark they are moved into the family room to be with the other dogs, cat, TV, visitors, indoor play area and outdoor play area and of course momma!

Video of Glenbern Golden Retriever Puppies
Video of Glenbern Bernese Mountain Dog Puppies

Golden Retriever pups playing outside with Mom (Ginny)  Sky (Golden Retriever) playing with Bernese Mountain Dog puppies
Pups enjoying a romp outdoors

Every week I introduce new articles to the play area to keep them stimulated and around 6 weeks of age we start going outside for bathroom training and for little walks.  

7 week old Bernese Mountain Dog puppies
Puppies have a more confined area, when I am not in the room with them. The smaller area, supplied with litter boxes, encourages them to keep their 'living' area clean.

Crate training is also introduced at around 6 weeks. This continues until pups are ready to leave for their new homes. A crate trained pup transitions to its new homes much easier, and will be well on his/her way to being house-trained, which translates into fewer sleepless nights for you, the new puppy owner!

Families who have reserved a puppy can visit when puppies are approximately 5 weeks old.

Puppies will be vet-checked, immunized, microchipped, and wormed as appropriate for its age.


How You Raise Your Puppy:

The importance of getting things 'right' with your new puppy, cannot be overstated.

From house breaking and crate training to proper socialization, your success (or failure) at a young age can set you and your puppy up for a wonderful reciprocal relationship, or an unending battle of wits for the duration of your dog's life.

I make every effort to ensure your puppy has received age appropriate exposure to a variety of people, sounds and environmental stimuli, but it is equally important that you continue with your puppy's enrichment when you take your puppy home with you. 

I have provided some links to articles/training methods I highly recommend to assist you in your puppy raising journey, and hopefully help you pre-empt undesirable behaviours in your puppy. 

Please remember, it is much easier to prevent/correct a behaviour when puppy is young, rather than break an ingrained habit as pup matures.  Please browse through the links provided, to assist you with any questions you may have, when you take your new family member home.

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