Glenbern Golden Retrievers & Bernese Mountain Dogs

Shaynedoro Rupert Bear 'Rupert'

(Tramins Amazing World x Scarholme Veni Vidi Vici)

Born: April 18, 2008

OVC Hips: Normal

OVC Elbows: Normal

OFA Heart: Cardiologist Normal

Eyes: Opthalmologist Normal

Golden Retriever: Rupert

Golden Retriever image: Rupert  Golden Retriever image: Rupert  Golden Retriever image: Rupert

July 2011

Rupert is a beautiful gold color and he has a wonderful temperament.

Rupert is delightful, very good natured and quite the talker; he is our morning wake up call. When he greets you his butt wiggles so much that he looks like he is doing a dance; think it might be the two step.

He is my boy; he likes to follow me around all day and keep me company, always by my side. Playing ball is his passion; he would do it all day if you'd throw it for him.

Golden Retriever Rupert @ 6 years of age
 Rupert at 6 years old

Golden Retriever Rupert at Ottawa Dog Show
Winners Dog
Ottawa Dog Show
Handler: Linda Thompson
May 2009 

I would like to extend my gratitude to Carol Brechbill of Shaynedoro Golden Retrievers for all of her support and this delightful boy. You couldn't have picked a better pup for me!